Music Ministries

God has chosen singing as a special catalyst for worship. (Colossians 3:16)  God inhabits the praises of his people.  He has chosen music as a key to unlock the power of His presence. (I Samuel 16:23) This is what we believe. (See all Music & Worship updates.)

Here are some ways to get involved in our Music Ministry:

Adult Choir: The Adult Choir at CCBC is both a family and a mediator. We look out for each other, encouraging both openness and sincerity in all things. We challenge each other to give our musical best, we laugh with each other when the notes are just not there, and we pray for each other. We rehearse every Wednesday, 7:30 – 8:30 pm. Guests are always welcomed. There is no audition required.


Praise Teams: We are excited about Capital Creek, our College Praise Team that leads our congregation during morning worship services. They sing contemporary music and add so much to our worship service!


Capital Creek






Children‘s Choir and Praise Teams:  Under the leadership of  Dana Given,Corinne Elliott and Brooke Traywick, the Children’s Choirs offer a musical experience for age 3 years through 5th grade. Dedicated volunteer leaders and assistants teach spiritual songs, anthems, and musicals to the children. Every effort is made to foster confidence in singing. The importance of learning music from a Biblical perspective is emphasized.  Practice time is Wednesday from 5:45pm – 6:45pm during the school year.


Seasonal Presentations: In keeping with the Church calendar, we celebrate the festive occasions of Easter and Christmas with production-level presentations.  These presentations are true worship services; they call attention to the One who is our help in ages past and our hope for years to come.