Music Ministry

Music Ministry

We believe worshipping the Lord our God is a way of life. We also believe that music is a motivation for worship, bringing us into the presence of our Lord, in a way that nothing else can. We should give praise and adoration to Jesus our King, continuously! God is never changing, always good, always faithful, and always true! He gave His life so that we might be saved and be with Him forever! Therefore, He alone is worthy of worship and praise!  (Ephesians 5:19-21). Below are some of the ways to get involved with the music ministry at Carrolls Creek:

Adult Choir

 The Adult Choir at CCBC is both a family and a mediator. We look out for each other, encouraging both openness and sincerity in all things. We challenge each other to give our best in every aspect, we laugh with each other when the notes are just not there, and we pray for each other. There is no audition required.

Worship Band

The Worship Band, known as “CCBC Worship”, gives our services a healthy blend of praise and worship songs both new and old. We play a variety of instruments and incorporate vocal harmony. We encourage one another to strive for the very best we can be in every aspect and we pray for each other.

Children’s Choir

 The Children’s Choir offers worship through music for age 3 years through 5th grade. Our leaders and assistants teach praise songs, anthems, musicals, and theory to the children. Every effort is made to foster confidence in singing and further the children’s knowledge of music. The importance of learning music from a Biblical perspective is emphasized.

The children are currently working on An Unplugged Christmas musical. Practices are each Sunday evening at 5:30 pm.

Meeting Schedule


5:45-6:45 p.m. | Children’s Choir Practice
7:30-8:30 p.m. | Adult Choir & Worship Band Practice

Leadership & Contact Information

Brian Wilson

Music Minister

Contact Brian here!